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Paying Devoirs

Tuesday 28thThe weather continued fine until yesterday at about 7 o’clk P.M. when it grew cloudy & commenced raining; it rained all night. This morning the wind shifted to the N.E. Orders were rapidly given to the men. The “ailes” or studding sails brought down & the square sails hauled close to the wind. We…

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Sunday at Sea

On the second day of his voyage, GH drops some hints about himself. He refers to Lexington as though it is his home town with the statement that he “fancied how affairs were going on at Lexington”. (Lexington Massachusetts is only about 14 miles from Boston). An 1853 map of Lexington shows several Robinson homesites;…

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The Meeting of Sky and Water

On the second day of the journey, the author drops a few clues about his identity. Sunday – June 26thWas awakened last night by a violent rocking & rolling of the vessel. Looked out & saw that there was considerable motion to the water. Mr. Scudder (another passenger) came to berth & said the wind…

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